An Open Letter to The Right Hon Ed Miliband MP

“We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great.“ – President Obama Innaugaration Speech Jan 20 2013

Dear Mr Miliband

I’m writing this letter as a Labour Party member who is completely frustrated with the lack of opposition to Her Majesty’s Government that has been shown by Her Majesty’s Opposition. We have seen over the last two years a greater attack on those who are not born into privilege nor raised in prosperity than has occurred at any time since The Norman Conquest. Not since The Regency have we seen such a gap between those who have and those who have not.

First they took away Legal Aid for those who believe they have been wronged by the State, then they de-funded in the name of essential cuts any other avenue those people could take in the search for reasonable legal advice, in particular, Citizens Advice. How loudly was this opposed? I didn’t hear it.

Next they launched an attack on the pensions of public workers including those who keep our streets safe, the Police and those who take care of us when we end up in hospital, our Nurses. Was this opposed? No, you supported that.

Next they decided to take Child Benefit from those with hard work, family support and perhaps University education has allowed to rise above the working classes. They could’ve set the bar higher or ensured that it was implemented fairly meaning that a couple earning a joint income of £89,000 would lose the same as an individual earning £60,000 but they didn’t and you didn’t oppose it either did you?

Then they launched an attack on the weakest in our society, the disabled, demonising them by calling them scroungers and having their puppet publications, the Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph, the Express and the Sun run stories accusing them of all lazy skivers. They instructed the French IT company that Gordon Brown’s administration hire to find them all fit for work and despite the protestations of Mark Hobain, evidence shows that targets are being set and the result is people are dying. Where were you when this was finally debated? At lunch I suppose because you weren’t in Parliament.

They now decided that people on benefits should have their benefits capped, including Housing Benefit. They decided that they shouldn’t be allowed to receive more than £26,000 per year. Sounds fair, you must’ve thought so, you didn’t do anything to stop it. But it forgets one essential thing, benefit claimants don’t receive housing benefit, landlords do, particularly those private landlords charging exorbitant rents in London and the South East. The end result of this is an exodus of potential Labour voters poor people from London as councils such as Camden are forced to buy properties outside the capital to house these families whose children are now being taken away from their schools, their friends and the neighbourhoods they’ve grown up in. What are you doing about this? Not a lot really.

Their next attack was on all people who receive benefits, including Tax Credits, most of whom work for a meagre wage far below The Living Wage. They chose to reduce it’s increase from one in line with inflation to 1% while fuel and food rise in price at up to four times inflation. Finally you opposed something. Not very well but you opposed it.

Then they decided that they hadn’t taken enough from the poor, they decided that those who live in social housing and had the misfortune to have to claim benefits and had a spare room should have to pay for that too, they decided that people all around the country were living in vast mansions at the tax payer’s expense and those people would have to pay more. They would have to pay for their spare room, even if they had a son away fighting for the nation in Afghanistan or if a husband had to use it because his wife had to have a hospital bed through illness. Their only option to move, despite impracticality or availability of somewhere to move to. What did you do about this, well you disagreed with it but not a lot else.

Thinking that the poor weren’t poor enough yet, they decided they could pay some council tax too. They informed Councils that they will reduce the money they give them for council tax benefit by 10% with the claimants expected to find the rest. Of course it won’t be the Government asking people for this money, it will be the Councils themselves. People will invariably blame Council for this rise with the wealthiest councils and areas being least hit, these areas are invariably Conservative areas, the likelihood is that Labour would be hit at the ballot box in council elections. Have you done much to prevent this gerrymandering? Not really.

I have not mentioned the privatisation of our beloved and hard fought for NHS, what Nye Bevan would be saying to you now if he had the chance one can only speculate but I’m sure that you would feel his wrath.

Of late Mr Miliband I’ve heard about One Nation, I’ve heard about the “Squeezed Middle” and I keep hearing about 2015. My question is this, what about the poor, the disabled and the oppressed? What about 2013 and 2012 and 2011? You seem to be under the illusion that if we vote you in in 2015 all will be well? 2015 is TOO LATE Mr Miliband.

The time for the fightback is now, at the beginning of this letter is a quote from President Obama, the Democratic President who managed to defeat a Republican opponent widely tipped to win a landslide due to the state of the American economy, why is that? Simple, they believed in Obama more than they believed in Romney, are you getting the message yet?

Mr Miliband, you are a professional politician and I do not doubt that you are a decent, intelligent and passionate man but I feel that you have lost sight of who the Labour Movement was created to represent. I get the impression, and I doubt I’m alone, that you think your job is to win an election in 2015, It’s not. Your job Mr Miliband is in the name of your official title, The Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition. Your job is to OPPOSE the Government. Your job is to fight for the poor, the disabled, the oppressed. For job is to galvanise the people of this country to rise up against this Government peacefully and oppose this the most despotic and incompetent Government in modern times. I fear your failure to do this will result in the people of this country rising up to oppose this Government using non peaceful means. We’re both old enough to remember the Poll Tax riots that brought down Mrs Thatcher. Brixton. Handsworth, Chapeltown, Toxteth and Moss Side in 1981. The results will not be pretty.

The point Mr Miliband is that we cannot wait for 2015, we need help now, we need an end to the conciliatory tones your political advisers who have probably never seen the inside of a council house are proposing. We need to see an end to the surrender to Conservative party policy on Slavery Workfare that has been deemed illegal by The Court of Appeal. As the Government try to change the regulations in defiance of the court it should not be being opposed by a back bencher, it should be YOU Mr Miliband vehemently and passionately.

You capitulate too often to the Government because you appear so determined to show that you’re not a socialist or as the Americans would call you, a Liberal. I think you’ve missed the point of why the Trade Unions ensured that you defeated your brother David Miliband to the Labour Party Leadership. While I don’t espouse you becoming the stooge of The Trade Unions, I do want to see you stand up for the values of Social Justice.

Mr Miliband, each Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions I watch as you stand silent when David Cameron besmirches the record of Tony Blair’s government. He lies and twists the truth by suggesting that it was the Labour government that created the economic mess and not the bankers. Not one banker has been arrested for their criminal smash and grab of the British economy. Are we “All in it together”, well the bankers and the City seem to be behaving as if their wasn’t an economic crisis, they are unaffected and yet the wealth that they have gained at the expense of the taxpayer could pay for infrastructure projects, for 100,000 new affordable homes which would bring rents down, the housing benefit bill down, create jobs and stimulate the economy. It could change all our lives and yet they drink champagne and eat lobster as we drink tap water and eat horse meat. We are oppressed, vilified, besmirched, deprived of income, deprived of dignity and most importantly, deprived of leadership.

Yours sincerely, Paul Smyth, British Citizen

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  • <cite class="fn">graham</cite>

    Labour will give a reply to deal with things when they can change them they are the opposition they can only vote against the nasty party and their brown nose lib dems they can not change things

  • […] “We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may fac…  […]

  • <cite class="fn">Dee Willis</cite>

    Some extremely valid points made. I do hope that Mr Milliband smarts from the literal blow of truth he’s just been dealt!
    Paul in his rant has expressed my opinion too.

  • <cite class="fn">Roy</cite>

    Go for it 5 more years of tory death and destruction. Let’s make Labour unelectable because the Sun readers love this.

  • <cite class="fn">Grocky Groc</cite>

    very good letter just for a typo alert it’s ‘sight’ not ‘site’

    Sorry to be a pedant..

  • <cite class="fn">lilyrainbow</cite>

    excellent letter, they are truly doing absolutely nothing.

  • <cite class="fn">chris lovett</cite>

    Might I suggest that you demand that Milliband state the truth? That during the last 12 months of Labour, there was 2.8% GROWTH and the National Debt was FALLING. During the next 5 months, when Darling’s rules were still in place, that continued. Then in came Gideon… and it all stopped dead. The 0.9% reported in the 3rd quarter of 2012 included ALL Olympic ticket sales. All aggregated into that quarter. Ed needs to expose the lies.

  • <cite class="fn">aturtle05</cite>

    The one thing I notice you do not ask for is for the Labour party you say you love, the party who brought in most of the tools that the Tories are torturing us with, to call for a vote of No Confidence in the Goverment. However, before they do, they need to find the solutions to the problems, get them ready for implementation and get the courage to push them through.

    Oh, and before you publish a blog, proof read it, if you have to rush out to do something, wait and publish when you get back. This blog goes a long way to support the view that Labour supporters are poorly educated.

    • <cite class="fn">pauldsmyth</cite>

      Well at no point did I state I love the Labour party and I have mentioned that Gordon Brown hired ATOS. It is the 2011 Tory regulations that were found illegal, not the programme itself.
      Calling for a vote of no confidence is pointless as it is guarenteed to lose and leaves Ed Miliband with the headline “Government wins Vote of No Confidence”. Yes they need to resolve policy issues, it would appear the Ed Miliband made a start on that today.

      On the proof reading, there is a limit to what you can do when you have a serious spinal disability and at times it can affect concentration which means that things get missed, I make no apology for that, particularly not to a random person on the internet. I look forward to your blog on these issues.

  • <cite class="fn">Bellatrixa</cite>

    Reblogged this on And Now For Something Completely British and commented:
    If only more people were aware of the state of this country… and if only Ed Miliband would act on what’s laid out in this piece…

  • <cite class="fn">Graham Hughes</cite>

    Labour won’t oppose the persecution of the unemployed, the sick and disabled, because at the next election they want to attract the same right-leaning swing voters in Tory marginal seats that the tory policies are designed to appeal to. One of the worst legacies of Blair is the realisation that to get elected you don’t need to attract the majority of voters, just target your policies to those in key marginal constituencies who you think you can persuade to vote for you instead of the other lot. That is why Milliband talks about the ‘sueezed middle’ and not about protecting those who most need it.

  • <cite class="fn">anne allen</cite>

    Dear Paul
    My daughter sent your blog to me because it so echos what I have been saying for months.Where is the Opposition? Why is all tis being allowed to happen without any louid dissenting voice?Once in place something like all these ‘proposals’ will be hard to untangle.Who is Labour supposed to be representing now?

    Thank you for highlighting it in such a clear way.I do hope you have sent a copy to Milliband.

    Anne Allen.

    • <cite class="fn">pauldsmyth</cite>

      Thanks Anne, yes it’s been sent to Ed Miliband. Additionally some people have approached me on Facebook asking if they could sign the letter, I’ll update the blog with the details of that so that those not viewing the particular Facebook group can do the same.


  • <cite class="fn">jeffrey davies (@jeffrey33333)</cite>

    thanks paul i totaly agree in whot you have said it says a lot but then ed does he listen i think not we got a while before anyone will listen to us but then millioniares in power so whot do the y now of hunger and the cold other than call the chef to cook more or turn the heating up that is them ,but thanks i just wonder if they will bother to read it as mor die daily by our carring goverment who smother us with their love yep jeff3

    • <cite class="fn">Paul Smyth</cite>

      Apologies, your comment was caught as spam. I think the policy announcement the other day was a perfect example. Excellent politically, potential to side swipe both Coalition parties but does absolutely nothing for the common man. In reality the wealthy will find ways around the Mansion tax and the 10p tax rate is less effective than raising personal allowances and NI thresholds. My belief is we can choose to stand on our doorsteps shaking our fists at the world or step up and do something to change things. Join the Labour Party if that’s your politics, get involved locally and get friends to go along. If you don’t feel it’s doing the job it should, do what you can to change that. Most importantly, keep the faith!!


  • <cite class="fn">teddymcnabb</cite>

    Paul I think your on your way of adding to the 5m plus natural Labour voters who have abandoned ( since 97 ) a Party that is run by Privieged, Professinal, out of touch, unrepresentative of the constituents, careerist elitist Torties in Red Coats and milionaires to boot not o forget the abundance of wide boys and girls, natural Labour voters not only dermand better but deserve better. Howv anmyuone praises rogies, paedo apoliogists PIE, tax dodgers, fingers in many pies Peers and MP.s, nepotism. Seat inheritors. Etc must have the morals and standards of the gutter, I will vote for a credible candidate withj a social conscience something all the main parties are bereft of. As a disdabled. Sheltered council housing tenant I donyt vote for my abusers. I fight them!

    • <cite class="fn">pauldsmyth</cite>

      Well said Ted, I agree with you on that. I would much rather see more real people standing for Parliament then these professional politicians who start straight out of University without ever doing a days work in their lives. I sometimes think that there should be a proviso that you should’ve worked for at least 10 years before being an MP but that then excludes people and nobody should be excluded from the Political process, not even the vilest member of the BNP unless of course they reside at Her Majesty’s Pleasure for their actions.

    • <cite class="fn">rainbowwarriorlizzie</cite>

      Yea Well Done Paul, I so down agree with your letter I have just defected from LibDems and turn to Labour my myself, I have written a similar letter to our local Labour MP I think tis time to put pen to paper again. My fiance and I are both Disable Activists I have reblogged in support. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good fight Paul. 🙂 The People should not be afraid of the Government, The Government should be afraid of the People!!

      • <cite class="fn">Paul Smyth</cite>

        Absolutely nail and head there, the Government SHOULD be afraid of the people and if these cuts continue they will have reason to be!! If people are rudderless anarchy will prevail, they need a voice in the darkness. The Lib Dems have shown themselves to have no principals whatsoever, they’ve abandoned everything they purported to care about for a sniff of power.

  • <cite class="fn">Catherine Boyle</cite>

    well said paul why do the tories get away with this folk starving kids starving a lot of people starving to death this cant go on .

    • <cite class="fn">Paul Smyth</cite>

      My sentiments exactly

    • <cite class="fn">guy fawkes</cite>

      So long as those earning 60,000 and over are rising above the working classes and have only lost their child benefit to moan about, what does it matter if a few thousand are starving?

      Nobody should want to or indeed be allowed to rise above working class if you are a worker and therefore part of the working class, the only difference is you are overpaid for your labour.

      Education should be free and everyone should be paid the same average wage, therefore everyone will eat.

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  • […] “We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may fac…  […]

  • […] “We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any time may fac…  […]

  • <cite class="fn">david butler</cite>

    would like ed to look at the betting industry and how it treats its staff example a betting office cleaner on a very basic wage is going to have her hours reduced same workload and 10p an hour reduction in her scale of pay, office acting managers having their scale of pay reduced it goes on and on inflicting revised conditions of employment to save money, whilst making huge profits. this industry needs some government intervension the balance of fairness in the workplace has to be restored.

  • <cite class="fn">A6er</cite>

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

  • <cite class="fn">Marie o neill</cite>

    Completely agree with you! Have always been a labour voter but sadly I fee my only option at the next election is to either spoil my vote or vote Green. Why is Ed so determined to back the nasty parties policies? the working classes are screaming out for representation and he doesn’t have the sense to seize the moment!!

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