Hypocritical Lord Tebbit employs migrant workers on minimum wages to look after sick wife

Pride’s Purge

Former Thatcher minister Lord Tebbit yesterday criticised peers during the Brexit debate in the House of Lords for “thinking of nothing but the rights of foreigners.”

Yet hypocritical Tebbit is quite happy to use migrant carers on minimum wages  – in other words “foreigners” from countries like the Czech Republic, Slovakia and South Africa – to look after his sick wife Margaret.

One of the carers Lord Tebbit employed was Czech citizen Marketa Ziskova – who has agreed to describe her experiences working for the Tebbits in her own words:

My name is Marketa, I am Czech. I lived 9 years in the UK, worked and studied in UK. I returned home in 2013.

I worked for Lord Tebbit in the summer of 2007- for 3 months. They advertised on Gumtree. So I applied for the job. I went for an interview. At the time they had a Slovak girl…

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