.@Theresa_May IS the danger – no posturing now can change that #GE17


Theresa May’s decision to put troops on our streets this morning is a naked attempt to cover for the disastrous policies she has pursued as Home Secretary and then as Prime Minister.

Like a man trying to compensate for his inadequacies by driving a big, fast car she is flagging her shortcomings to all who care to look – and like that man, driving ‘too much car’, she’s a danger to us all.

May as Prime Minister is out of her depth – and her attempts to cover her weakness are giving terrorists exactly what they want.

May is guilty. She has overseen – with direct responsibility as home secretary – the most draconian cuts to frontline police numbers ever seen, as this astonishing chart shows:

frontline police graphYet she lied to the public, projecting a completely-unfounded confidence – as has now been shown beyond question – that she could continue cutting police budgets…

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