A brief and blunt discussion about ‘economic competence’ before the general election

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The question asked shouldn’t ever have been how will Labour fund their costed manifesto. We have permitted this expedient Conservative diversion for long enough. The real question that matters is this: where is the public’s money that citizens, their parents and grandparents have paid into the Treasury all these years? Why is there nothing to show for it for the past seven years? Why are increasing numbers of citizens of every age experiencing hardship and distress?

This is a despicable way for a government to treat people who have contributed to this country’s fortune and development.

Why are older people being robbed of their national insurance and tax investment and told they must fund their own care?  Why are older people being forced to work longer before they may retire?  New government “calculations” suggest a “hard Brexit” – with migration is dramatically reduced – could push up the age…

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