In 2016 Corbyn was mocked for this. Nobody’s laughing now #GE17 #Police


When Jeremy Corbyn instituted the new practice of asking questions from the public in PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), he was mocked and jeered by arrogant Tory MPs each time he mentioned a member of the public – which in itself speaks volumes.

But one question in particular echoes deafeningly now.

Late last year, just before Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement was due, Corbyn stood to ask a question of Theresa May from ‘a taxpayer’ – and was jeered loudly by the MPs opposite.

Here is that question:

Cuts to community policing have been identified by security experts and senior police officers as the key driver to the failings in intelligence that have allowed radicalisation to pass without action – and Corbyn was raising the question months before the tragic events of the last three months.

We’ve already seen that Theresa May was warned by Corbyn, by police and by security experts about the…

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