Exclusive: May, Rudd ‘stripped anti-extremism unit to focus on #Brexit’ #GE17


As the Press Association reported, Theresa May – in the preface to the announcement of her planned assault on the very human rights she says islamist terrorists hate – talked of a ‘security service review’, supposedly to allow security services to “call out extremism here in the United Kingdom”:

Theresa May expects security service review

Theresa May has said she expects police and security services to launch a review after three terrorists slipped through the net to launch the devastating attack at London Bridge.

Mrs May said,

What Government needs to do is, and what the Government that comes in after Thursday’s election needs to be willing to do, is to give more powers to the police and security service when they need them, needs to deal with this issue of terrorism and extremism online and also needs to be able to call out extremism here in the United Kingdom

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