After all the Platitudes the ToryDups stick Two Fingers up at Police, Nurses & Firefighters

Over the last few weeks the emergency services have demonstrated just how amazing they are in spite of the cuts to their numbers and resources and that they’ve not had a proper pay rise for 7 years. Last night the Tory/DUP coalition of evil chaos cheered enthusiastically as they voted down Labour’s amendment to end the cap on their pay. Now we know what they really think of them.


Just so that we can remind ourselves, these are some of the quotes Theresa May has made about the emergency services who’ve worked through and beyond exhaustion to deal with the recent terror attacks and Grenfell tower disaster.

After the Westminster Bridge attack on 22nd March:

Once again today these exceptional men and women ran towards the danger even as they encouraged others to move the other way. They have lost one of their own in today’s attack only makes their calmness and professionalism under pressure all the more remarkable

After the Manchester terror attack on 22nd May:

The police and emergency services have as always acted with great courage and on behalf of the country I want to express our gratitude to them. They acted in accordance with the plans they have in place and the exercises they conduct to test those plans and they performed with the utmost professionalism

After the London Bridge attack on 4th June:

On behalf of the people of London and on behalf of the whole country, I want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and the emergency services, and the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers.

After the Grenfell Tower disaster:

The response of the emergency services, NHS and the community has been heroic.

After the Finsbury Park Mosque attack, while not actually praising the emergency services she did promise:

Extra police resources have already been deployed to reassure communities, and the police will continue to assess the security needs of mosques and provide any additional resources needed.

So it would seem that the Tories are quick enough with their platitudes at a time of disaster but simply do not care that the Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters & Police have been working to exhaustion, giving up their days off in order to meet the extra demand of the incidents of the last few months despite the lack of a decent pay rise. If you had any doubt as to the priorities of the Tories, let that doubt be now forever dispelled. If you voted for them don’t give your reasons to me but to them:

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