The Greater Fool started out as a personal blog but The Greater Fool 2.0 aims to be a platform for progressive bloggers and writers to counter Main Stream Media and Fleet Street right-wing bias.

The concept for the name comes from the Aaron Sorkin TV show The Newsroom. The main character Will McAvoy, a News anchor who is called a Greater Fool in what he terms to be a hatchet piece. What he doesn’t realise is that the context makes it a compliment. The fact that, despite all logic dictating otherwise, McAvoy is determined to buck the trend of news shows providing the news that their advertisers and sponsors want them to provide. This is the inspiration for this site. Provide the news that the electorate need to hear as opposed to the news that the top 1% would like them to hear.

Having run my own blog for a few years and found myself spending most of my time just reblogging the content of others, despite my best intentions, I decided it was time I did something different. There are plenty of people out there who have a talent for expressing themselves and a passion for change in society but don’t really have the time to maintain a blog and perhaps don’t want to be tied to a timetable. I decided that having a background in IT I could be the bridge that brings those people to the “blogosphere”. While I can’t guarantee I’ll have time to write daily articles, by providing a platform for people to share their views and opinions together we can join other well established bloggers and sites in challenging the Mainstream media premise. I don’t think anyone doubts the need for change, let’s facilitate that change together!