Paul Dacre has thrown his biggest hissy fit yet!

Well it looks like Martin Rowson at The Guardian has REALLY hit a nerve with this one. The Daily Heil, the newspaper that brought us “Hurrah for the Brownshirts” and “Isn’t Mr Hitler wonderful” and has spent the last decade demonising Immigrants, refugees and the EU has published a diatribe calling the likes of the Guardian and the independent media sites that challenge their bigoted agenda “Fascists of the Left”.

After spending a couple of paragraphs apologising to its readers, explaining that it doesn’t normally get into spats with other newspapers because it could be seen to be “self-obsessed navel gazing” it goes on to indulge in, well, some self obsessed navel gazing.

Without going into the details or the actual text, it’s interesting to see that the Heil has distanced itself from the vile Hatie Katie Hopkins, who it seems is too toxic for the paper that endorsed Hitler, the fact that Dacre has felt the need to defend the Heil like this shows just how effective the “Stop Funding Hate” campaign continues to be at persuading advertisers to take their money elsewhere.

I’ll close by leaving you with a collection of front pages of the Mail and this line to Paul Dacre – “The Editor doth protest too much, methinks”

Collection of hateful Mail front pages
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